Nation Towers

The Nation Towers is a complex of two towers that are located at the Kourniche in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.
The Nation Towers are designed by WZMH Architects, and developed by International Capital Trading L.L.C.. The cost of constructing this project was 435 million United Arab Emirati Dirhams. The construction of the Nation Towers started in 2009, and finished in 2013. The first tower has got 65 storeys, and the second one includes 52 storeys. The towers cover a total area of 278,709 meters.
The Nation Towers contain a hotel, a shopping mall, offices and residential apartments. The hotel includes 350 chambers, a fitness center and spas.
Both towers are linked with the world's highest skybridge with the height of 202.5 meters and it connects the 50th and 54th storeys.

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