A Giant showroom will be launched by Al Futtaim Automotive at Dubai Investments Park

Al Futtaim Automotive mentioned its plans to launch a gigantic facility for cars in the coming two years at Dubai Investments Park because it seeks taking advantage of the complex’s proximity to the logistics hub of Dubai South and Jebel Ali.

The conglomerate is the official distributor of Lexus, Honda, Toyota, Jeep, Chrysler and Dodge cars within the United Arab Emirates.


The auto park, which is supposed to be ready to be used after two years from now, will cover even more than 34,000 square metres and will be able to accommodate approximately 1,400 cars from the makers mentioned above.

It is going to host the group’s other businesses too, that includes batteries, tyres, workshop material and body shop divisions.


A parts distribution center in Dubai Investments Park is operated by Al Futtaim Automotive as well. Al Futtaim said that the facility is going to be finished in two phases and that the concept designs are already done.

The auto park is going to target a rising demand for vehicles at Dubai Investments Park and the neighbouring communities as well.

Len Hunt, the president of Al Futtaim Automotive, said: “We expect that Dubai Investments Park will witness constant growth due to its strategic nearness to Al Maktoum International Airport and the Expo 2020 site”.

“That is going to lead to surging growth in the industrial and residential offerings, and also the cataracting demand for quality commercial and passenger vehicles.”

Dubai Investments Park is gaining a great reputation quickly, it is getting to be known for being the preferred hub for car retailers in Dubai.

Many vehicles’ companies and brands opened showrooms in the development, that includes service outlets and repair facilities as well.

Due its great location which is near to the International Airport in Jebel Ali, Dubai Investments Park has access to Sheikh Zayed Road, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

The park features residential, commercial and industrial areas too.

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