The Cloud, the Desert and the Arabian breeze

Today, Dubai is the ultimate city of inversion ahead of the few cities experiencing outstanding growth. Within its continuously changing scenery and limitless growth-scale, Dubai is in a need for a dream signifying its current fleeting phase. If cities can dream, how can’t Dubai do the same?

The Cloud of Dubai is one of a group of architectural projects created to be implemented in the Gulf region by Nadim Karam and Atelier Hapsitus. It is inspired by the nomads, whose lives were known by the harshness of their relation to sand, water and air, and whose trips followed the unburdened motion of clouds. The Cloud is a journey, a super fun adventure in the city. It is a horizontal presence on a towering podium, an oppositeness to the sum of skyscrapers spreading over the whole area. The Cloud is a dream, suspended between reality and artificiality.

A fundamentally potential project standing at a height of nearly 300 meters in the air above Dubai and supported on slanting legs featuring the rain., the Cloud is a 20,000 m2 sky scenery consisted of rotating bridges, terraces, spiraling walkways, gardens and a lake, an assembly hall and sky-sports platform. The Cloud is close at the ground level to a promenade attached with a pool mirroring a forest of sloping pillars approaching a giant, semi-transparent buoying island. Access to the Cloud is acquired by some non-inclined cannular pikes that double as structural assistance. In cooperation with ARUP AGU (Advanced Geometry Unit), remarkable imaginative technological methods are now formulated for its actualization.

Published in May 2007 by Booth-Clibborn Editions, in Britain; ‘The Cloud, the Desert and the Arabian Breeze’ created by Nadim Karam & Atelier Hapsitus is presenting the Cloud through a narrative whose protagonist explores Dubai, seeking a dream for the city.”


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