The Twin Towers

Dubai's twin "Emirates Towers" are intentionally and successfully mapped out to give an iconic profile, overriding the skyline of the rising business territory to the south of the city centre.

Higher than any single tower in the European and the Middle Eastern countries at the time of building, it is somewhat higher with 355 meters, 56 story tower houses and offices, and the rest is mainly a hotel. Both of the twin towers rise from a veld of a shopping center and totally green, luxurious green areas and gardens, overlooking (farther along isolating road crossroad) over horse racing areas on a part and the Gulf by another side. The office of Dubai Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is already in the Emirates Towers.

The architect explains the design of both towers; “Clad in aluminium panels with copper and silver reflective glass, the towers capture the changing light of the desert sun. So as you drive around them, they change from every angle. It’s a dynamic composition rather than a static one, and that’s very important, especially when the buildings can be viewed from all parts of the city.

“To achieve the height, I started focusing on an equilateral triangle form, which serves a few purposes. First of all, it distributes the structural load at its three farthest corners, which would give the stability that a high building needs. But beyond that, it is a form that is evocative of the Islamic culture: in the pattern of a triangle, the points represent the earth, the sun and the moon.

And recurring circle elements in the tower, at the base and at the top, echo the circle of the ‘timeless whole’, which means eternity in the Islamic context. So, very subtly, the Islamic culture is integrated.”

The softly bowed curtain wall soaring nearly the entire height of one face of the hotel triangle provides a panoramic scenery from the amazing, mostly-full-height courtyard, and the clenched curve of the "cut out" feature at the top floors is utilized for rooms for example; the hotel's Royal Suite.


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