Burj 2020: Dubai's New Glory

Dubai, that has built the world's tallest tower, charged the same architects again to start designing a new skyscraper which will be the tallest commercial building on Earth. This new skyscraper is named the Burj 2020. 

The new Burj will also hold the 'world's tallest observation deck' title, the Burj Khalifa's deck ranks the third. Since 2013, the Burj 2020 has been planned, but the developers of that huge project publicly announced this month they had chosen Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), the architecture and design firm based in Chicago which designed the Burj Khalifa. 

Based on The National, which is the first to report about the new tower, the height of the Burj 2020 has not been declared. However, it is going to be the tallest commercial building in the whole world. The Burj 2020's Twitter account claimed last year that the 2020 may reach 2,165 feet, divided into 115 floors. That will be around six hundred feet shorter than Burj Khalifa, nevertheless the observation deck of the Burj 2020, which is going to be the whole way around the tower, will be taller. Currently, the tallest observation deck on Earth stands at approximately 1,600 feet in Canton in South China. 

Is Dubai in need for a new million sq ft of office area? Bare in your mind that the Burj's name "2020" is a nod to the world's exposition 2020, which will occur in Dubai in less than 5 years. Hosting the exposition can be an economic white whale for the United Arab Emirates by driving up property speculation and incurring huge amounts of debt. 

Hiring architects who are behind the world's tallest buildings makes it surely seem that Burj 2020 will reach the top. That seems a great sign for Dubai.

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