Ummayad Mosque

Ummayad Mosque is located in Syria, Damascus.

The Ummayad is one of the largest and oldest mosques in the world. It was built in 715. The mosque has got three minarets and it is built of stone, marble, tiles and mosaic.

The ground plan of the Umayyad Mosque is rectangle in shape and measures 97 meters (318 ft) by 156 meters (512 ft). A large courtyard occupies the northern part of the mosque complex, while the haram ("sanctuary") covers the southern part. The courtyard is enclosed by four exterior walls. The level of the stone pavement had become uneven over time due to several repairs throughout the mosque's history, but recent work on the courtyard has restored it to its consistent Umayyad-era levels.

Four mihrabs line the sanctuary's rear wall, the main one being the Great Mihrab which is located roughly at the center of the wall. With a height of 36 meters (118 ft), the dome rests on an octagonal substructure with two arched windows on each of its sides.

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