Moscow Cathedral Mosque

Moscow Cathedral Mosque which is also called Tatar Mosque is considered to be the central mosque in Moscow, the capital of Russia.
The Moscow Cathedral Mosque is first designed and built by Engineer Nikolay Zhukov in 1904, and then it was reconstructed after 89 years, in 2015. It was then inaugurated by Russia's President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Turkey, Recap Tayeb Ardogan, and Palestine's President, Mahmoud Abbas.
The new Moscow mosque has nearly 20 times as much space as the old building can accommodate about 10,000 worshippers. The reconstruction of the mosque cost $170 million.
Its minarets are 72 meters tall and its central dome is 46 meters high. It will be the second largest Muslim prayer facility in Russia after the Salawat Yulayev mosque, which is being built in Ufa.

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