Al Faisaliyah Tower

Al Faisaliyah Tower is designed by the British architect Norman Foster, and its opening was in 2000 by the Bin Laden construction company in the Alia District in Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia. Al-Faisaliyah Tower was the first of the startling new constructions to rise above Riyadh’s skyline, it is considered to be the most important landmark in Saud Arabia, and it is well known for its huge glass globe close to the summit. The glass globe’s diameter is about 24 meter and it is made of 655 glass panels.

It has forty four floors, and they include a five star hotel and four exclusive apartments, offices, restaurants, the Sky shopping mall and a wonderful platform (Globe Experience). The tower has a needlepoint pinnacle topped with a crescent, and it stands 267 meters above the ground. The four corner beams of Al Faisaliyah Complex join at the top above a golden ball. There is an external viewing deck just below the golden. And at the ground floor, people can find a mall center with major world brands for them to start shopping and find all what they need.

A very fancy luxurious restaurant is located in the golden ball. An outstanding scenery can be seen from there, people from the Al Faisaliyah tower can have a clear sight of the Kingdom Centre which is Saudi Arabia's other well-known tower, and they can also see the two buildings create in the evening a great imaginative skyline. The Al-Faisaliyah was designed by British architects Foster and Partners and engineers Buro Happold. It is part of an Al Faisaliah Complex that includes mainly the tower, a hotel and two other buildings. The tower includes many luxurious restaurants such as the Globe, 11a and also has at the highest floor a cigar lounge.

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