Extending Dubai's Airport

Dubai is planning to expand the airport and add a second huge airport on the top of it to meet the quick growth of Emirates Airline and finally manage dealing with 240 million passengers per year.


The project to expand the emirate's second airport is called Al Maktoum International at Dubai World Central. It is planned to manage about 120 million passengers within six to eight years. This shall adjust for the expected growth ratio of Emirates. The president of the carrier, Tim Clark, has warned before that an infrastructure bottleneck at the current airport Dubai International would handicap his ambitions for his airline.


The renewed design of Emirates’ future hub is going to enable the government-owned Dubai Airports to add space of 20 million in gradual additions, which should be much easier to be funded, according to Paul Griffiths, the chief executive of Dubai Airports. The extended airport can lastly handle 240 million yearly travellers based on the new design, Mr. Griffiths said.


"We want this to be seamless so the growth plans of Emirates can be satisfied," Mr. Griffiths added.


The Emirates is the world's greatest international carrier, it made record orders in November 2014 for Boeing Co. and Airbus Group NV jets, and it was of a great help for the present hub Dubai International become the world's busiest international airport in the first three months of the year.


The airline carried in 2014 about 44.5 million travellers, a thirteen percent increase on the last time. At the actual growth levels, it is going to carry almost 93 million travellers in the year till March 2020.


Mr. Griffiths said that Dubai Airports is expecting the transition of the Emirates once the extended airport is completed. Other airlines, for example (Fly Dubai), the low-cost operator, is going to keep on operating from Dubai International.


It isn’t obvious how the funding of the expansion of Emirates’ future home will take place by Dubai’s government. Dubai's economy boasted in the previous eighteen months on a retail, renewed housing and tourism growth. The aviation sector is projected to support 322,000 jobs and contribute 28% of Dubai's GDP by 2020, Dubai Airports added.

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