King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center’s families and staff are supported by the residential community

This residential community props the international staff and their families of King Abdullah Petroleum Studies and Research Center

This fantastic energy research center, situated amidst King Khalid International Airport and Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, grabs researchers and staff members’ attention from the whole world. The residential community offers a super great atmosphere which supports KAPSARC attract and keeps world-class research and development talent.

The structure contains ten community constructions (natatorium, library, recreation center, bowling alley, dining hall, mosque, three flat buildings with retail, and supermarket), a 200-appartment residential community (containing 11 house types) and four major utility buildings.

Two long, rectilinear flat buildings flank the main dining room and library. The horizontal sunshade frameworks of these modern, stone-clad shapes finish the liner that defines the centric plaza. The apartments offer plenty of personal external area with many wide terraces and public exterior areas in the shape of a huge roof decks too. The flats are a combination of one-floor and two-floor residential units, providing lofts with two-floors living rooms and spacious natural light.

The community mosque, or masjid, has high visibility within the location. And that is considered as a spiritual center for the KAPSARC residential community.

KAPSARC is the leading and the hugest structure out of North America to achieve the certification of LEED for Homes. It is one of the first designs that include the LEED for Homes International Pilot Program as well. All the villas are counted to be 191, and they have won LEED for Homes certification (188 Gold, one Silver and two Certified).

HOK is the designer of KAPSARC’s solar energy field, and it was constructed over 55,000 square meters, and will generate about 5,800 megawatt hours of electrical energy on a yearly basis, it is considered to be the largest in Saudi Arabia.

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