The Bahrain World Trade Center

The Middle East is flourishing with high rise building.  All of us are in horror of the great designs that are standing out from this area. Simultaneously, we must all pause to assert to ourselves that those cities are consistently planned, designed, and constructed and that they are going to contribute to the surrounding environment, not detract from it.

The Bahrain World Trade Center is a spectacular solution to a vital place in nowadays quickly developing world. The highly visual and spectacular wind turbines were thought as a strong symbolic statement about the importance of alternative energy sources.

The Bahrain World Trade Center is the world’s first building to merge large-scale wind turbines; together with many energy reducing and retrieval systems, this development shows an unequivocal commitment to boosting international awareness for potential design. This building is pioneering a new way for designers and owners performing as a technological precedent.

The Bahrain World Trade Center has assured that commercial developments can be created with a strong environmental agenda and focuses on the requirements of the coming generations. The Bahrain World Trade Center encapsulates the core of a likely philosophy engaging the economic, social and environmental effects of the building. As well as making significant strides in environmentally balanced architecture, the building is now considered a source of national pride for Bahrain residents, and is attributed with generating economic prosperity within the capital of Manama.

The Bahrain World Trade Center shapes the focal point of a master plan to renew the hotel and shopping mall that existed for 30 years on the site. The designing of the site became forced by the existing buildings and the road network around the site. By expanding the major hub of the current shopping center towards the sea and making a minor hub from the Hotel, “Retail Streets” were created. The twin towers’ natural site was as a result placed on the major center, seeing the Arabian Gulf and building the entry for the development.

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