Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle garden is the biggest garden in entire world with the most amazing natural scenery that will get you out of breath. There are more than 45 million blooming flowers planted in various beautiful and imaginative ways. It has a riot of colours as far as the eye can see in numerous various rows and levels, and there are arches formed as hearts that refer to romantic lanes to walk through. In that masterwork you are capable of watching there from normal and usual flowers and plants to some strange types usually found in the jungles of Asia and South America. Each zone has unique vertical and horizontal natural scenery designs from arc-shaped walkways, passages covered with colourful umbrellas to shade the people walking through, outdoor pools, vintage cars covered with flowers and many other beautiful designs.

Growing a garden in the desert is very hard to be implemented, however the staff of botanists, gardeners and environmentalists from the entire world have proved to us that we are wrong. They planted a wonderful garden in the huge desert. The developers of this wonderful garden are Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture, who estimated the costs of creating such a garden in the middle of desert to be around $11 million. The unique 721,000 square foot garden with state of art landscaping features, hardscape features and there are numerous attractions and facilities such as the open parking, VIP parking, prayer room, first aid room, toilet blocks, ablution (wodoo’) facility, security room, commercial kiosk, shops, sitting zones, restaurants, carts for handicapped visitors, rest areas and many great facilities. The garden set up an eco-friendly irrigation system, to deliver moisture in the most proper way by reducing carbon print worldwide for a better and cleaner environment, thus “piece of Eden”, the botanical masterwork called achieved the recognition as the “Largest Vertical Garden” in Guinness Book of Records for having the longest flower wall.

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