The Holy Kaaba

The Kaaba is the most sacred place in Islam. The Kaaba doesn’t only have an inspiring religious and historical significance, in fact it has a great inspiring architecture as well.


The Kaaba is a structure in the form of a cuboid, totally made of granite. It covers approximately 627 square feet, and stands on a 25 centimeter marble base that projects outwards almost 35 centimeter. Its height is measured to be 13.1 meters high, with sides measuring 11.03 * 12.86 meters. The width of the Kaaba’s walls equal one meter wide, and the ground is nearly 2.2 meters high. Both the ceiling and the roof are made of wood, then they were rebuilt with stainless steel capped teak. The floor is made of marble and limestone inside the Kaaba. The walls from inside are covered with marble from halfway to the top, and the marble is designed with Quranic engravings. The Kaaba’s entrance door is nearly 7 feet above the ground, the wall next to the entrance has got 6 tablets full with engravings. While you can find three pillars inside the Kaaba, as well as a tiny altar between two of them. You will also find lamps hanging from the platform by a rope, and a staircase to the roof as well. In 1627, they added a rainwater spout that is made of gold, in addition to a gutter to protect the foundation from groundwater.

The Hatim is a wall of a low height that was part of the Kaaba at the beginning. Its height is 90 cm, and its width equals 1.5 m, and it is made of white marble. Originally, the area that stands between the hatīm and the Kaaba belonged to the Kaaba itself, and that is why no one enters it during the tawaf. Some people think that the graves of Ismail and his mother Hagar lie in this area.



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