The Expansion of the Grand Mosque

King Salman bin Abd Al Aziz of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched five new enterprises to be part of the third extension of the Holy Kaaba. The extension enterprises are including the King Abdullah Expansion Structure, courtyards, tunnels, buildings for service facilities and the first ring road.

The target of the expansion project is to be capable of receiving more than 1.2 million Saudi Real additional pilgrims. The goal of the new extension of the courtyards is to be able to have more than 250,000 additional worshipers. The King Abdullah has already set the cornerstone of the foundation for the extension of the Holy Kaaba in a huge celebration event that took place in Mecca in August 2011. The enterprise is expected to cost more than 100 billion Saudi Real and the Ministry of Finance is responsible of monitoring the procedures of implementing the expansion projects. The total space of the current mosque is 356,000 meters square which is enough to receive 770,000 worshippers, while the new expansion project will change that to let it cover an area of 456,000 meters square. Saudi Finance Minister Dr. Ibrahim bin Abd Al Aziz Al Assaf has said in his welcoming speech at the ceremony that the expansion enterprise contains a major building including six floors for prayers, in addition to 680 electric escalators and 24 elevators for the people with special needs and 21,000 toilets and places of ablution; wodou’.

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