The Abraj Al Lulu

The Abraj Al Lulu is a residential project that is located in Manama, the capital of Bahrain. The project includes three huge towers, two of them contain fifty storeys, and the third tower has got forty storeys. Each tower of the three towers has a name; there is the Gold Pearl, the Silver Pearl, and finally, the Black Pearl.  The three towers are located very close to King Faisal Highway, they are surrounded with the most important buildings in Manama such as NBB Tower, Bahrain World Trade Center Pearl Round Table and Bahrain Financial Harbor. The area of the Abraj Al Lulu is more than 23,230 meters square which means 250,000 square feet. The project costs 251 million American dollars which means 94,878 million Bahreini dinar.

The Abraj Al Lulu are built by the Hamad Contracting Company, and the company finished its construction in March 2009. It includes more than 860 luxurious flats that range from one to three bedrooms each. It can receive more than 1,100 cars as it has a four-floors parking area.

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