Doha Tower

Doha Tower is a popular landmark in Doha, the capital of Qatar. The Burj Al Doha was designed by the French architect Jean Nouvel, while the Terell Group was responsible for the structural architecture of the Burj, and the main contractor was China State Construction Engineering Corporation.

Burj Al Doha was named as Burj Qatar at the beginning in 2004, then Doha High Rise Office building, and finally it was called Burj Al Doha by its owner; Sheikh Saud bin Muhammed Al Thani in 2012. The Burj cost Sheikh Saud bin muhammed Al Thani about 455 million Qatari Riyal, which means 125 million American dollar. Hamad bin Saoud Group is responsible for the Burj’s management and administration.

The Burj Al Doha won the ‘Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat’ (CTBUH) Award for being the best tall building in the whole world.

The height of the Burj Al Doha is almost 231 meters high, and it consists of 46 storeys over the ground, and three storeys under the ground. The area that the Burj covers is nearly 110,000 meter square. The design of the tower is distinctive because it doesn’t have a center, and it has got concrete dia-grid from inside which form a cross shape (X) linked with the cylindrical façade. The design is inspired from the local Qatari Islamic culture in addition to some modern architectural designs. The Mashrabya is an example for that as it is a pure Islamic design, but it has a new modern style at the same time, it protects the people inside the tower from the high temperature and odious sand.

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