Hisn Al Shoumoukh Library

Hisn Al Shoumoukh Library is one of the most important landmarks in the Sultanate of Oman as it is now the center of cultural and scientific exchange in the Saltanate of Oman. The establishment of building the library was in accordance with Sultan Qaboos bin Said’s royal orders, and it is now under the umbrella of the Omani Ministry of Heritage and Culture. The Hisn Al Shoumoukh library consists of six scientific groups, including the Omani group, the encyclopedias and references group, the courses group, the general books group, the audio-visual materials group and finally the electronic resources group.

The construction of the library was inspired by the traditional Omani architectural style mixed with the modern architecture. The interior area of the library’s building is approximately 3,000 meters square, and there is a small corridor in front of its main building leading to a huge courtyard, the courtyard is full of green areas. The library building consists of two floors, the first floor is designed to be a reception for the guests. The main reading room has got nearly seventy seats, while the individual reading room has got approximately eighteen seats, and the library includes computer room at its corner, and the room is equipped with nearly twenty four seats, in addition to offering sixty seats for the quick browsing room.

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