The King Fahd Causeway

The King Fahd Causeway is a chain of bridges crossing the Gulf of Bahrain, and it is linking Saudi Arabia and Bahrain altogether. The idea of building the causeway was based on developing the bonds between Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. The King Fahd Causeway was built in five years starting from 1981 till 1986. The causeway was opened to the public on the 12th of November in 1986.

The total cost of building the project is 800 million American dollar which equals 3 billion Saudi riyal. The length of the bridge is 25 kilometer, and the width is 23 meters. Building the causeway required 350,000 cubic meter of concrete, in addition to 47,000 tons of steel. The main contractor of the project was the Dutch Ballast Nedam.

There is a border station on the causeway called the passport island, and it is designed to look like two connected islands, but both islands are totally artificial. The passport island covers an area of 660,000 meters square. There are some buildings on that artificial island such as the Fahd Causeway Authority buildings, government’s directorates, 2 mosques, 2 coast guard towers and 2 high towers with nice restaurants. People eating in these restaurants can enjoy the wonderful scenery from the tower as they are totally surrounded by water from all sides.

A huge extension project was implemented in 2010, and this expansion project cost 5.3 million American dollars. The plan was to increase the number of the departure lanes from ten to 17, and the arrival lanes from 13 to 18, and to add a commercial center at the Bahraini region to provide the facilities needed for the travelers, in addition to extending public utilities like mosques, restaurants, washrooms on both sides; the Saudi and the Bahraini.

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