The Hamad International Airport

The Hamad International Airport is considered to be one of the most important airline world centers, after it has replaced the Doha airport. The cost of building the Hamad International Airport is 15.5 billion dollars, and it will be capable of handling 70 million travelers after finishing the first phase of the construction.

The Hamad International Airport contains a hotel, this hotel has got 100 rooms, and another hotel is expected to be built in the airport. The area that the airport covers is nearly 29 kilometers square, and it contains hundred buildings inside it, and the area of the main building is about 600 thousand meters square. The Hamad International Airport will be capable of receiving from 1.5 to 2 million tons of luggage, and handling 320 thousand aircraft movements.

A city will be constructed inside the airport for the travelers. The completion of its first phase is going to be at the same time of hosting the World Cup 2022, and it is going to accommodate more than 200 thousand people. The city will be unique in its architecture and designs. More than one million visitors are expected to be hosted by World Cup 2022.

The first ten years of building the airport will witness the construction of the overall structure of the project, which will extend to a thirty – year plan including the headquarters of the Civil Aviation Authority, Qatar Airways, and all the utilities, facilities for Aviation and Logistics education and the residential zone. The city will also include a center for trade and transportation amenities at the commercial area, in addition to many facilities for shipping and storage in the logistics area, and finally cultural and entertainment events and activities.

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