The Jamarat Bridge

The Jamarat Bridge is opened to the public in 1963, and then it was renewed in 2007. It consists of four floors, and its length is measured to be 950 meters, and width 80 meters. The new bridge is designed by Dar Al-Handasah and constructed by the Saudi Bin ladin Group. The project’s foundations can handle 12 floors and five million pilgrims. And the hight of each storey from the 12 storeys is 12 meters. The expansion project includes three tunnels, and other expanding designs to be constructed in the future developing plans.

The projct provides 11 entrance gates for the Jamaraat, and 12 exits by the four ways of the bridge, in addition to adding helicopter pads for emergencies, and the constructors added with other facilities like the unique air conditioning system that has got water sprinklers which is capable of lowering the air temperature to approximately 29 degrees Celsius.

Many accidents took place at the Jamaraat Bridge in the past because of the pilgrims scrambling and jostling to throw their Jamaraat, and finish their pilgrimage rituals, therefore the government focused on going through all the safety procedures in order to ensure the highest levels of safety for the pilgrims during practicing the annual Hajj rituals.


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