Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum is the major museum in the United Arab Emirates. It lies in Al Fahidi Fort in Bur Dubai. The Dubai Museum is the oldest building in Dubai as it was built in 1787. It was used as a fort to protect the people from the raids of the other tribes, and at other times, it served as the ruler’s palace, a garrison and a prison, at the end, it was opened to the public as a museum in 1971.

The Fahidi Fort that includes this museum is shaped as a square having towers at three of its corners. It was built of rock and mortar at the first beginning, the remains of these rocks still exist behind the southern wall. There is a huge central courtyard, and under it lies the galleries which display old maps, tombs, craftsmen materials, and other artifacts that go back to even 3000 BC.

The Museum shows the culture of the United Arab Emirates especially the culture of the 19th century, it includes many galleries, antiquities and Asian and African artifacts that were transmitted during the trade activities between the countries at that time.

The Dubai Museum receives many visitors, about 1,800 people on a daily basis, with an annual sum of 611,840 visitors. And it welcomed more than One million people in 2013.

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