Dubai International Airport is constantly evolving ..

Dubai International Airport is the most important Middle East airports and most movement, and one of the most modern airports in the world. And classified Airports Council International statistics from the Dubai International Airport among the fastest growing airports in the world. 
Competed Dubai airport a lot of airports around the world were awarded the rank of "four-star airport", in terms of facilitating transactions, security and markets and foods while the best airport feature in the world occupied by the "Changi Singapore airport," winning the title of "five-star airport", in addition to receiving more than 36 international awards in various design and operating specifications. 
Dubai Civil Aviation Department in 1997 launched the expansion worth $ 540 million program has been completed the opening of Sheikh Rashid Terminal in 2000. 
And then began the second phase of expansion, which is estimated to cost about 15 billion dirhams during the first quarter of 2002 and ending by 2006. This phase includes adding a third building and built key for travelers (Kounkorsen) new and thus bring more prestige to the airport the busiest in the Middle East. 
With the increasing number of visitors to Dubai each year by stunning, expanding Dubai International Airport to keep pace with the growing flow of passengers, through the establishment of a dedicated third Kounkorsen new building and Emirates Airline. When this massive construction project ends with the end of the year 2006, the airport will be able to receive 70 million passengers per year, compared to the current capacity of $ 22 million (according to 2005 statistics). 
Emirates Airline will be one of the airlines that launches Airbus A380, the new facilities will prepare the airport for the arrival of this giant aircraft, in addition to other facilities, including hotels 4 and 5 stars, and rooms for private passenger First Class and Business Class, and a spacious free-market, and a train connection to the airport current, and train stations, especially the Dubai Metro, which will be implemented in the future. 
A spokesman for the Civil Aviation Department in Dubai "was announced as a result of the large and increasing the flow of passengers and airlines, and the needs that emerged from it, the Dubai government has implemented a massive expansion of the Dubai International Airport and sections attached to it. It was designed expansion of this program so that Dubai International Airport is transferred to Airport easier to use and more efficient, to maintain the status of the emirate as a major hub for the airline business in the region. "
However, near the massive construction of new facilities is complete, has recently been awarded a contract worth 3.5 billion dirhams for processing third runway and Concourse second and parking associated with it, and so for the coalition of Al Habtoor Engineering, Murray & Roberts and Takenaka Japanese experienced vast in building airports, and this company is originally specialized in mechanical, electrical and plumbing business, which brings with it a significant estimated expertise to the project. 
One of the most important advantages of the project is the fact that the new terminal is built underground, which will make it more distinctive from Sheikh Rashid Terminal, the award-winning. The departure and arrival halls in the third building, will take place at a depth of 10 meters below the aircraft positions and paths. But it will not cause users to fear of enclosed spaces, because the building will remain connected to the outside world through the interface in a fully glass aspects, and the lobby of the Concourse second Lighted naturally in the other side. 
Concourse and the second caller directly building the third passenger, specially dedicated Emirates. And will include the building on several floors of the departure and arrival, and the 27-gate 59 and a bridge to transport passengers, will also feature a number of outstanding aerodynamic capable bridges to access the new giant Airbus A380 aircraft. 
The lounge has a 27 gateway from and to the plane 
Mr. Thomas points out that "this project is considered one of the largest engineering projects of its kind in the world, and the current airport will be transferred to the next stage. For example, there is a large waterfall in the main area, which up to the train, and his appearance would be fantastic." 
Thomas said, "The contract was awarded in December 19, 2004, and we will reach to the implementation of the first phase in June 2006 - an air-cooled, but without this control, where the presence of the air is necessary to provide for the completion of finishing operations stable environment, because some materials such as wood expands in the heat. 
Airport starts work, according to the plan, by December 18, 2006, the date of completion of the first phase; At this stage we will have brought us electricity, and finished the entire air-conditioning operations, and brought us water for cooling energy, so that the building becomes a structure closed on that date. Then after that we have time until April 19, 2007 to complete the processing of the airport hotels. "
Team work will be completed a total of 461.125 square meters of brick work, and 496.204 square meters of concrete settlement business, and 556.454 square meters of roofs, and installation of 8.941 Baba, tiling and more than 300,000 square meters. The number of employees will be in position to rush the stage, 13,000 - 14,000 people, which will require careful coordination to ensure the smooth flow of all work at the same time. 
To understand the significant size of the project, can be compared to building the Sheikh Rashid, a length of 750 meters. The project aggravated the current 150 in length, and is much higher than that. And can not estimate the size of the challenge posed by the project only through the analysis of work to be done on time size. "
With the continued expansion in Dubai, and receive more international visitors, the new airport will be a fitting introduction to the most active and tourism in the Middle East city.

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