Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo is the oldest zoo in the Arabian Peninsula, it is built in 1967. The zoo was rebuilt in the time period from 1986 till 1989. It took them three years to make a new design and implement it on the real ground, and till now the zoo is going through many updates and renovations.

The zoo houses about 230 animal species including 248 mammal specimens, 400 reptile specimens. The Dubai Zoo welcomes about 336,346 visitors annually.

There were many troubles with this zoo, so the country is planning for a new better zoo by relocating the animals to a huge open area called Safari in Al Warqa’a. It will house the current living animals in addition to new animals, it may include more than 1,000 animals and birds. The Safari project will cover an area of 120 hectares of land that will contain a zoo, safari, a butterfly park, botanical garden, resort and golf course and educational and veterinary facilities as well.

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