The Ibn Battuta Mall

The Ibn Battuta Mall is the largest themed shopping center in the world. It is opened to the public in 2005. The Ibn Battuta Mall is owned and managed by Nakheel properties.

The Ibn Battuta Mall is a huge shopping center located at the gardens at Shiekh Zayed Road in Dubai, and it covers a total area of 521,000 meters square. The Ibn Battuta Mall includes more than 270 retail outlets, 50 restaurants, 4,500 parking areas bowling hall, children entertainment center, a gym, and a cinema of 21 screens. It will be extended to accommodate 150 additional retail outlets in 28,000 square meters.

The Ibn Battuta Mall is a single level mall and it consists of six courts which are: Egypt, India, China, Andalusia, Persia, Tunisia courts. The designs of all of these courts are inspired by Ibn Battuta’s visits to these countries. 

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