Dynamic Tower

The Dynamic tower consists of eighty floors with the height of 420 meters high. Each floor of the eighty floors rotate individually from the other floors. This rotation totally changes from the tower’s look and shape. And it gives the people inside the tower the chance to enjoy the whole scenery surrounding the tower from their spot.

Each floor rotates six meters per minute, which means that it makes a full round in 90 minutes. Ninety percent of the tower can be created in the factory and then shipped and transmitted to the site of the building. That will make the process of constructing the tower much quicker than building everything in the site of construction. It will take them only seven days to build each floor, so the total period of time needed for building the tower will be 22 months. This is 30% less than the usual time needed for building any skyscraper.

The Dynamic Tower is designed by architect David Fisher, and it is supposed to be implemented by the Dynamic Architecture Company, but they have not started constructing it, and they haven’t announced any details concerning the start date of construction.

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