Qatar World Cup 2020

Qatar is planning to house FIFA World Cup 2022 in 12 eco-friendly stadium to be totally free from carbon dioxide emissions. The stadiums will use the solar energy to provide a cool environment for the players and fans. This will happen through turning the solar energy into electric energy for cooling the rooms.

When there are no matches taking place in the stadiums, the electric energy gained from the solar energy will be transmitted to the stadium’s general power grid in order to be used during the matches.

The upper parts of nine of the stadiums will be removed after the FIFA will end, and they will be sent to the developing countries that usually need the infrastructure of the football stadiums. Sending these parts to the developing countries is a main part of developing and improving football on the global scale.

One of the stadiums is Doha Port Stadium which will be totally moveable, it will be totally dismantled and transmitted after the FIFA finishes. The lower parts of the Stadium will be kept in Qatar.

The small stadiums will be capable of receiving about 20 – 25 people. Besides the Stadiums is addition of the cooling techniques, so that the other countries suffering from the hot weather, can learn from that and implement that in their own buildings, especially the sports building.

All the stadiums are owned by the Qatari Union of Football.

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