Bahrain Financial Harbour

Bahrain Financial Harbour is a large scale commercial development project in the capital of Bahrain, Manama. They started constructing them in 2004, and opened to the public on the 2nd of May 2007.

The construction of such buildings cost 1.5 billion American dollars which equals 568.5 million Bahrini Dinars. The two buildings cover a total area of 380 thousand square meters. The buildings can handle eleven thousand cars. They are operated by the Hamd Construction Company, and they belong to the Bahrini Ministry of Finance.

The Financial Harbour is located next to King Faisal Highway, and it is too close from many landmarks such as the Bahrini World Trade Center, Pearl Towers and The Bahrini National Bank. Most of the project is constructed on reclaimed land.

The twin towers are called the Eastern Trade Tower, and the Western Trade Tower. They are now listed as the tallest towers in Bahrain. The height of these towers is 260 meters, and they are consisted of 53 storeys, four of these storeys are underground.

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