Al Bahr Towers

Al Bahr Towers lie in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Al Bahr Towers includes two towers, the first tower accommodates the Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC), and the other houses Al Hilal Bank. Al Bahr Towers are designed by AHR architecture firm, and constructed by Al Futtaim Carillion.

Each of both towers is 145 meters high and divided into 29 floors. The towers cover a total area of 70,000 square meters. The design of Al Bahr Towers is inspired from the traditional Islamic architecture, especially the Mashrabia. The towers are popular for featuring their protective layer of two thousand umbrella shaped elements that open and close according to the sunlight. This layer reduces fifty percent of the heat caused from the sunlight.

The towers received many awards for being one of the first towers with an eco-friendly design.

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