Fire at Dubai on the New Year Eve

On the New Year eve, inferno took place at Address luxurious hotel in Dubai. The Address Downtown is a five stars hotel and it consists of 63 storeys. It lies 500 yards away from Burj Khalifa where the annual marvelous fireworks of the New Year celebrations take place.

The fire was said to have begun at the twentieth floor on the terrace, but there has been nothing confirmed yet. The fire started at 9:30 and the flames ripped the building from its ground floor up to the fortieth. The flames tore the hotel from the outside in the matter of seconds as if it was just a paper.

People were frightened and they tried to run away for their lives, but witnesses say that the fire stopped after five minutes of starting. There are no reports of injured people; luckily none was killed on that day. All people agreed that the emergency services and facilities were great and they were at the hotel once the fire started and saved the situation quickly.

Despite of the fire, the celebrations didn’t stop; the fireworks at Burj Khalifa kept working.

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