Central Market Project

The Central Market Project is a residential and commercial complex that is located in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

The Central Market Project is owned by Aldar Properties and designed and constructed by Foster + Partners. The construction of this complex started in 2008 and finished in 2014, it took them six years instead of two years to finish the construction phase due to the financial crisis that took place in 2009.

Central Market Project consists of three huge skyscrapers; including two malls and two Marriott hotels.

The first skyscraper is Burj Mohamed bin Rashid which is the tallest of the three. It is a residential tower containing 92 storeys, and its height is 381 meters.

The second skyscraper is the Trust Tower; which includes 60 storeys and its heiht is 278 meters high. The Trust Hotel accommodates the offices and houses of the World Trade Center Association. It is also linked to a Marriott Renaissance hotel trough a huge mall and a souk. The tower was opened to the public on 2013.

While the last tower is the Hotel Tower, which is the shortest one of  a height of 65 meters tall, including 16 storeys accommodating the Courtyard Marriott.

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