The Marina Torch Tower

The Marina Torch Tower is a residential tower at Dubai Marina. It was the world’s tallest residential tower in 2011, but it lost the record to 23 Marina in 2012, and then the Princess Tower in the following year. Its height is 336.8 meters high, containing 79 storeys.

The Marina Torch Tower was supposed to be totally different according to its first design as it was planned to cover the total area of 111,832 square meters, include 74 storeys, and house 504 flats, a swimming pool, a café, gymnasium, a health club, aerobic rooms, terraces, three basement floors and a part of the podium to handle about 536 cars. Everything changed afterwards, and the ownership was transferred to Select Group which agreed with the National Engineering Bureau to modify the design. After modification, the tower includes 676 apartments and six retail units. The prices of the apartments in the tower are so expensive, the price of the one bedroom flat begins from 1,628,000 dirhams.

The Marina Torch Tower was on fire on the 21st of February, 2015. The reason behind this fire was a grill at the balconies in the middle of the tower. The flames spread quickly to cause huge damages to the building. Luckily, no damage affected the structure, and most of the apartments in the tower were habitable.

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