Al Yaqoub Tower

Al Yaqoub Tower is the 52nd tallest building in the world, the 15th in the Middle East, the 12th in the United Arab Emirates and the 11th in Dubai.

It is a hotel that is located on Shiekh Zayed Road. The Tower is designed by Adnan Saffarini, and developed by Remamco Real Estate. Dari Saiffudin Yaqoub owns the tower. The main contractor of the tower is the Arabian Construction Company. The construction of the tower started in 2006 and completed in 2013. The Al Yaqoub Tower is 328 meters high, it has got 69 storeys; one of them is underground. The tower includes 224 rooms.

The design of Al Yaqoub Tower is inspired by the Elizabeth Tower in London, it looks close to it, but the designers haven't added a clock to it so that it won't distract the bus drivers while driving on the high way. The tower has received much criticism, but then it is regarded as one of the top buildings in Dubai.

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