Discussing cooperation between GEU and GCC Arbitration Centre

Gulf Engineering Union and G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre assured that conducting engineering arbitration gives reliability in infrastructure and developmental projects through doing fast and fair actions to all parties.


This statement was made during the meeting between the Secretary General of Gulf Engineering Union, Eng. Kamal Al Hamad and Secretary General of G.C.C Commercial Arbitration Centre, Mr. Ahmad Al-Najim. The two parties has agreed upon making a high-level training program that grants a professional certificate in engineering arbitration, which aims on a later stage to make a reliable man-power which solves related disputations, a common type in Arabian Gulf area. Most engineering contracts has clear provisions on how to solve occurring disputations between owner, contractor and consultant, in which arbitration  is considered a suitable choice  due to its fastness and reaching the most suitable solution.


Eng. Kamal Al Hamad confirmed that agreement was made to enrich cooperation and exchange technical experiences of gulf engineering societies with G.C.C Arbitration Centre, which is based from consent with importance of making a strategic cooperation to spread arbitration culture and to avoid courts as much as possible in engineering disputations beside making a generation of arbitrative engineering to judge in such events, which will be made memorandum of understanding that will be signed soon.

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